Tips for setting up the perfect Terrace Garden

Tips for setting up the perfect Terrace Garden

Terrace is the most spacious place of your house and if given some attention to its decoration along with home decor, it can become a vital part of your home.


Terrace garden is often considered as a style statement of your home. It not only gives a beautiful look but also brings greenery, serenity and fresh air. The first and most important thing to ensure is that your terrace has a very sturdy and even surface.

The greatest benefit associated with the idea of a terrace garden is that it keeps the roof cool during summers. They should be planned simultaenously along with your house so that the foundation that is laid, can bear the extra weight of your terrace garden.

Here are a few tips you may consider before planning your own Terrace Garden

1. Bonsai is a great option.

Terrace Gardens are usually not so spacious, so Bonsai’s are a great choice for them. Grow oranges, mulberry, pomegranates or you can purchase these already prepared bonsais as well.

2. Use Bamboo for decoration

Palm Trees would be an ideal choice for a terrace garden but remember, they only grow in shade.

3. Matching furniture

Every natural terrace has a beautiful surrounding and scenic beauty around it and along with this, the texture, shape, color selection and length of the plants are also important. Use matching furniture and pillows, paintings to decorate your terrace garden.